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Our assortment of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, extracts, edibles, CBD and more have all passed rigorous testing requirements, ensuring the utmost in safety, potency, and consistency for our customers. And because we want you to feel at home, The High Note is staffed with expert Budtenders ready to serve you in an elegant, welcoming Prohibition-inspired environment. From cannabis newbie to connoisseur, top-shelf products to cost-saving deals, there’s something for everyone at The High Note.


Flower is the part of the cannabis plant most commonly used for smoking. That’s because compared with cannabis leaves and stems, the flower contains the largest concentration of chemical compounds (known as cannabinoids and terpenes) responsible for the plant’s therapeutic properties.

Also known as nugs, herb, or bud, flower can be broken up for use in pipes and bongs, or ground up and rolled into a joint, pre-roll, or blunt. Available in loose, dried form, cannabis flower comes in a variety of strains offering a range of effects – from uplifting to pain relieving to sleep inducing, and everything in between.

Cannabis is grown using a variety of methods, each of them impacting everything from how much the plant yields to flavor, potency and much more. With outdoor cultivation, sun, soil and water are used to grow the annual flowering herb the old fashioned way. Cannabis cultivated using organic techniques sources nutrients directly from nature – like composted plant material – instead of lab-created resources. Indoor hydroponic cultivation means the plants are grown in a highly controlled indoor environment in a nutrient-rich solution instead of traditional soil to produce higher potency and higher yields. Light deprivation greenhouse is another method that allows the grower to use a combination of indoor and outdoor techniques to control the plant’s exposure to sunlight, and when it flowers as a result.

The High Note carries an assortment of flower grown through these various methods providing the ultimate in variety for our customers.


A pre-roll is a joint that has been assembled in advance for the customer’s convenience. With a pre-roll, a cannabis brand has ground the flower and rolled the joint for you, often adding a crutch or filter for added ease, so you can start smoking right away.

Pre-rolls offer customers an easy, cost-effective way to try a certain brand or strain without having to purchase an eighth or more of flower. Their accessibility makes pre-rolls a great option for experimenting with strains, especially for cannabis newbies, and are wonderful for sharing with friends.


A vaporizer, or vape, contains technology that heats oil or flower evenly without burning the material, creating vapor instead of smoke. Vaping has grown in popularity as an alternative to smoking because there’s no combustion, which produces carcinogens harmful to the body. And because there’s no smoke, some consider vaping to be a more discreet option.

Vapes are available in multiple form factors: disposable models that contain a maximum number of puffs; portable vape pens with rechargeable batteries and changeable oil cartridges; high tech models that accommodate both dried flower and oil; and desktop models for home use.


Concentrates result when cannabinoids and terpenes, the active compounds in cannabis, are separated and isolated from the plant. Concentrates are made using a variety of methods – for example, an extract is a type concentrate in which a solvent has been used to remove the compounds. Other types of concentrates include oil, wax, shatter, hash, and rosin.

Because they contain higher levels of THC, concentrates are significantly more potent than flower. While they aren’t the best option for newbies, concentrates are highly effective for patients and experienced consumers who benefit from or simply prefer greater potency.


Topicals are lotions, salves, sprays, patches, oils, and ointments that have been infused with cannabis. Some have used topicals to address various ailments ranging from painful joints and inflamed muscles, to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, by delivering relief directly to the impacted area.

Topicals are absorbed through the skin so it takes longer to feel their effects, but they are discrete and can be applied directly to a desired area as needed. Even if THC is present, most users won’t experience any euphoria from using topicals, making it a great option for consumers who prefer not to get high.


Edibles are food and drink that have been infused with cannabis, and can include a wide array of products including gummies, brownies, cookies, honey, olive oil, sparkling beverages and much more. Edibles are considered more discreet (and tastier) than smoking or vaping, and can be easier to dose other consumption methods.

While edibles vary in potency, it can take at least 30-120 minutes for the effects to kick in and they can last anywhere from a few to several hours. That’s why we always advise newbies to start with a small amount, and then wait 2 hours before eating more.


Tinctures, capsules, and sublinguals are three ways to ingest cannabis orally. A tincture is a liquid cannabis extraction, typically in alcohol, that can be taken sublingually (under the tongue), added to a beverage, or swallowed directly. Capsules are cannabis flower or oil contained inside a dissolvable shell, while sublinguals are cannabis infused products – ultra-thin sheets or sprays for example – that dissolve when placed under the tongue.

Tinctures, capsules and sublinguals are an alternative to edibles in that they have a much lower fat and sugar content. They are very easy to dose, which makes them a great option for cannabis newbies.


CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis after THC. What has made CBD the center of a huge wellness trend is that unlike THC, CBD does not get the user high.

CBD is thought to help with a number of ailments, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, sleeplessness, and seizures, with the added benefit that the user does not feel intoxicated. CBD is available in a number of forms including flower, edibles, topicals, soothing bath salts, and beauty products.


Since most animals have endocannabinoid systems just like humans do, CBD has been used as a way to help pets with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other ailments. But because our furry companions have very different dosing needs and not all ingredients we consume are safe for them, humans should be careful about sharing the CBD they take themselves with their cat or dog.

After speaking with your veterinarian, explore The High Note’s assortment of CBD products that have been specifically formulated for pets.

No matter your level of cannabis experience, our staff of knowledgeable, highly trained budtenders is on hand to answer your questions and walk you through our wide selection of products. Come in to one of our convenient locations or contact us and speak with a High Note Budtender today.


We offer items specific for smoking like pipes, rolling trays, rolling papers, lighters, and more. We also offer specialty items like locally crafted cannabis scented candles and our own line of The High Note branded apparel and accessories.

No matter your level of cannabis experience, our staff of knowledgeable, highly trained budtenders is on hand to answer your questions and walk you through our wide selection of products. Come in to one of our convenient locations in Culver City or East LA or contact us and speak with a High Note Budtender today.

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