Meet the Culver City Dispensary with the widest assortment of products for your well being

Travelers Today | November 2019

Looking for a high time in Culver City? Take a moment to hear the story of a dispensary that is more than a business. The High Note is on a mission to introduce every flavor under the sun and offer the citizens of Culver City an adventurous way to explore cannabis.

A Look Inside | ‘The High Note’ A Speakeasy Inspired Dispensary

The Culture Curators | October 2019

Everything regarding marijuana has changed drastically over the past decade. With recreational marijuana being legalized across the country, today we take a look inside a brand new dispensary in the heart of Los Angeles. ‘The High Note’ is a unique, design-minded dispensary….

There’s A Speakeasy-Style Marijuana Dispensary In Los Angeles Where You Enter Through A Bookshelf Door

brobible | September 2019

I have a birthday coming up in a couple weeks. It’s a big one in the same way that all birthdays are big after the age of 30. But I’m doing things differently this year: Rather than a boozy dinner or a rowdy bar crawl with friends, I’m going full green with a dinner….