There’s no greater match than cannabis and music. Weed has inspired musicians since the dawn of time (or at least, for as long as we can remember). And since we’re cannabis enthusiasts first and foremost, at Elevate we understand how a little herb just takes musical enjoyment to the next level.

Wanna hear more for the 710 holiday? Pack a bowl and check out these three playlists we created to accompany you on your cannabis journey. Choose your audio adventure:

Indica Playlist
Every track on this list was inspired by indica’s relaxing effects. When it’s time to exhale, wind down, and decompress, this playlist of chilled-out grooves is ready to help you ease into leisure mode. Perfect for deep breaths, meditation, and curling up on the couch.
Sativa Playlist
We picked these songs to inspire creativity, productivity, and activity. Feel like getting up early to make something? Got cleaning to do? Living room in need of a fresh coat of paint? Just like sativa, this playlist will get you up, uplifted and moving with the beat.
Hybrid Playlist
Who couldn’t use a little balance every once in awhile? This playlist is like your favorite hybrid strain: a touch of chill with a dash of creative to go with whatever the flow dictates. From a Saturday afternoon walk to quiet contemplation, this playlist is perfect day or night.