Today, anyone over the age of 21-years-old (with valid ID) can walk into a dispensary in Los Angeles, Ca and purchase cannabis. Not too long ago, this type of accessibility seemed like something out of the Jetsons. Now that it’s a reality, more and more newcomers are looking to dip a toe into enjoying cannabis.


As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. There are some unofficial rules that have been learned over the many year’s cannabis consumers have been enjoying the plant. In order to maximize your comfort and experience, here are some things to keep in mind and some suggestions on enjoying cannabis.

Use Cannabis at the Right Times

If you’re new to consuming cannabis, it’s best to start at home at a time when you don’t have any social commitments. Cannabis affects everyone differently and on top of that, each cannabis strain and product produce slightly different effects. It’s best to play it safe until you are comfortable with how cannabis will affect you.

Sativas generally produce an energetic high while indicas do the opposite. Smoking flower or vapes will produce a quicker high than eating edibles. Until you know your limits and how the different products work with your body, start in a safe space where you have at least a few hours to relax and enjoy the high, wherever it may take you.

Also, alcohol and cannabis are often in the same environment. Indulging in both can result in discomfort, severe dizziness aka “crossfaded” or the spins, or worse.  Take our advice, if you want to enjoy cannabis, do just that. Never mix cannabis and alcohol.

Choose The Right Tools

When you’re just starting out, a pre-roll is the easiest and most user-friendly when it comes to a classic flower. Just open the pack and light it up. Take a couple of puffs and wait a few minutes to see how you feel. Smoke a little more or just enjoy where you’re at. With pre-rolls, it’s easy to control the dose.

Vapes are a modern addition to the cannabis landscape and the product range has grown exponentially.  Vapes are a discreet way of enjoying cannabis without actually having to ignite flower. No smoke, only vapor.  The benefits here are a more precise dosage, less pungent experience, and even targeted effects.  If you are canna-curious and uncomfortable with the thought of inhaling large volumes of smoke, discuss some vape options with our knowledgeable budtenders.

Edibles are a tasty alternative for canna-curious who prefer not to smoke. You can control your dose easily but edibles do pose different considerations. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over 2 hours to produce effects. It all depends on the person and what their body is doing that particular day. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with around 2mg and wait at least a couple hours. You can build up from there once you understand how edibles affect you personally.

Beyond flower, vapes, and edibles, beginners should also consider topicals. Topicals don’t produce a high but many people report localized pain relief and muscle relaxation among other benefits.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to have plenty of water nearby. We’ve all heard of the phrase cottonmouth, heads up, it’s not a myth. Smoking will make your mouth desert dry due to something called your “submandibular saliva glands.” It’s a real thing, trust me. Luckily, the solution is rather simple, keep fluids on hand — as well as a lip balm.

Always Have Snacks Around

I won’t say this is the most important rule, but it’s definitely in the top 3 — ALWAYS have snacks on hand.  A common side-effect of smoking cannabis is the munchies. Not everyone gets them and there are plenty of cannabinoids that don’t produce munchies but food does taste a lot better when you’re high.

In my opinion, the crunchier the snack, the better — chips, tacos, or cookies tend to satisfy my munchies — but we all have our preferences. Have you ever watched the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? We all know what motivated them. So, be prepared and save yourself a trip by keeping snacks around.

Have Snacks Around while enjoying Cannabis

Share the wealth

Once you’re comfortable with how cannabis affects you and you’re ready to share the experience with others, always remember to share. A common saying is “weed is meant to be shared.” The more friends you can enjoy it with, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Those who don’t share their weed are said to experience “weed karma” by not being invited to “the sesh,” unable to hit what others have rolled, or generally being looked at sideways — because after all sharing is caring.


The last tip may be the most important, RELAX.  Mindset is crucial.  The more comfortable you are in your surroundings, the more at ease you will feel.  So set proper time aside, create a safe space, and experiment to find the strains and delivery methods that are right for you.  Embrace the subtle change as you explore the properties of this long-celebrated plant and remember it’s all temporary.  The more you relax, the more you’ll be enjoying cannabis.

If you do overindulge, try taking a nap or watching this video.


Now that you’ve been equipped with the basics, head over to The High Note and chat with one of our friendly budtenders. They’ll help guide you to the right products for your needs. Always remember to consume responsibly and NEVER consume and drive or operate machinery.

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