We hope you enjoyed the first interview we did with the lead budtender over in Culver City, Alexandra. The second location where you can find High Note is at our East LA dispensary on Valley Boulevard. 

We would like to introduce you to two friendly and dedicated staff members who work here, Kandice Perez and Jayla Bernardino. Kandice is the store manager, and her coworker Jayla is the budtender and receptionist. As with our Culver City dispensary, we asked them some questions to help you get to know them better. 

Please meet Kandice and Jayla, from our East LA location:

What are your job responsibilities?

Kandice: I manage the team on a daily basis.

Jayla: I make sure every patient receives the right product for their use.


And how long have you worked here?

Kandice: for eight years.

Jayla: for a year and a half.


High Note features a wide array of products, and our staff naturally have their own favourites. Here are the top picks of Kandice and Jayla.


What are your favourite products? Could you list them?

Kandice: Plug n Play, Papa & Barkley, Source Cannabis.

Jayla Larry og flower, Littles joints, Plug n Play carts.

All High Note staff members have unique responsibilities and fill special roles in the workplace. They use their unique skillsets day to day to address the needs of our clients, and create a welcoming atmosphere to anyone who steps inside our dispensaries.  We asked Kandice and Jayla what makes them unique and what they deem to be their most valuable trait.

What makes you a great budtender?

Kandice: I try to give clients the best possible service while listening to their needs.

Jayla: Having knowledge about products both for recreational and medicinal usage.

Working at High Note is a rewarding experience, as our staff members are continually getting to know new people, help them with their problems, and grow as a team. We wanted to create a sense of community around our business, and here is what our budtenders had to say about it.

What is your favourite thing about working at High Note?

Kandice: Being able to help people and give our community knowledge about products and our fast-growing industry.

Jayla: Great co-workers, as well as informing and communicating with patients.

Members of the High Note team have various interests outside of the workplace, but they are often very creative and expressive. Our team simply attracts free-spirited individuals who enjoy things such as art, music, and nature. We wanted to give Kandice and Jayla a chance to share more about their personality with you, and here is what they had to say.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Kandice: Dance, listen to music, spending time with my family.

Jayla: I love going on hikes and spending time in nature.

We realize music is of key interest to both our staff and our clients. Music is a common conversation starter at our dispensaries, and it improves the atmosphere of the workplace. 

What artists are you currently listening to?

Kandice: Summer Walker, Nipsey Hussle, Interpol.

Jayla: SZA.

To conclude the interview, we asked the girls about their spirit animal.

And finally, do you have a spirit animal, and if so, which one?

Kandice: A lion.

Jayla: An elephant.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our staff and felt a connection with them. You can find them in person at the corresponding High Note dispensaries in either Culver City or East LA. They will be thrilled to get to know you and introduce you to our brand, the community around it, and show you our wide product selection.

We sincerely hope that with their help you will get the right product for your needs!

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