We want to give you a behind the scenes, up close and personal view of our dispensaries and the talented people who make it all possible. First, let’s start with our Culver City dispensary location. We can talk all day long about the products we offer, our daily deals, and ambiance but none of this is relevant without our most important asset, our passionate staff.

Please meet Alexandra, the lead budtender in Culver City. 

A conversation with Alexandra:

Alexandra, what’s your job position? 

I’m the lead budtender at the Culver City Dispensary, one of two High Note dispensaries in Los Angeles

What are the responsibilities of the lead budtender? 

Basically, the lead budtender is there to ensure the dispensary is running smoothly and to assist both coworkers and customers with anything they need.

Nice! And how long have you been here?

Roughly a year as of the time of this interview. 

Can you tell us more about what makes a great budtender at The High Note?

A great budtender needs to have a vast knowledge of cannabis, and also of different cannabinoids, derivatives, all kinds of products in general. It doesn’t end there, though. Having a wonderful personality is necessary to complement the great vibes you will find at High Note, both in the dispensary and with our clients!  

A budtender is always exposed to new, fresh experiences and encounters different personalities of people daily. More from Alexandra about herself, unrelated to the brand she represents.

What’s the best part about working at The High Note?

The vibe at High Note is always positive and other than the great atmosphere, the large variety of products we introduce makes us learn something new every day!

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

-I enjoy amateur photography! 

Music is often a ritual for cannabis enthusiasts, what artist(s) are you currently listening to?

The original Sublime.

As a very creative and expressive person, what is your spirit animal? 

Yeah, a panda!