With the new year come the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. For many, that means getting into shape and hitting the gym. Contrary to old stereotypes of lazy stoners, we see more and more people using cannabis to enhance their workouts. So, what is all the excitement about? 

A recent research study by the University of Colorado-Boulder found that 8 in 10 cannabis users, in states where cannabis is legal, consume cannabis before or after a workout. 52% of those who use marijuana and exercise reported being more motivated to work out, 70% said it boosted their enjoyment in the workout, and 78% claimed it improved their recovery.

While we still have a lot to learn about cannabis, what we’re hearing from our friends, families, and customers is inspiring a joint and hike like never before. As with most things cannabis, a bit of experimenting is needed to discover your sweet spot. Always start small and build from there. 

Here are some ideas for including cannabis in your workout of choice and where to begin. 

Cannabis and Running

We hear stories from customers who use cannabis to make running a little more bearable. They say it allows them to start in a runner’s high, aches and pains are less, and it allows them to get into the zone (or flow) faster. Unless you are one of those rare unicorns who loves pain, cannabis seems like a great addition to any run and makes a more significant impact on the longer endurance runs. 

We recommend starting with a small dose from a vape pen like LucidMood Lively. Their formulas are designed by a neuroscientist (which we love!). The onset of effects will be fast, so you can judge how you feel before you leave the house. If you’re looking for something non-inhalable, try a sublingual tincture like Nano. Hold a few drops under the tongue for about a minute, and you should feel effects in a matter of a few minutes. 

When it comes to the running route, pick a path that is safe, short, and scenic. Choose something well lit, secure, with steady ground, and generally an easy path. When running on cannabis, it’s best to start with the easy route until you feel comfortable and confident. A short and scenic trail will allow you to get used to any new sensations you feel before trekking out on a longer run.  

Suggested products: 

Vape: LucidMood Lively

A 2:1 THC to CBD ratio lifts your mood while allowing you to participate in activities with exuberance. Limonene and Valencene aromas awaken your senses like freshly squeezed juice on a hot summer day.

Tincture: Cannabis-Infused Nano Sublingual

Lighten the mood and your mind with a little boost of joy and serotonin from this blend, which is sure to help soothe your mind for a happy day or night. Both 5HTP and CBD smooth out the intensity of THC, creating this joyful experience.

Cannabis and Yoga

Humans have been combining cannabis and yoga for years. Whether you’re sweating it out at hot yoga vinyasa classes or you’re reenergizing at restorative yoga, cannabis can help elevate your experience. If you’re looking to get a kick-butt workout, cannabis can help dull pain and get you into the zone. If you’re looking to relax, become present, or internally reflect, cannabis can do that too. It’s all about the products you choose and the mindset you take going into it. 

In our opinion, the best way to try out yoga and cannabis is to start with a class designed for just that. LA has a wide variety of yoga studios that cater to the cannabis curious. A quick google search will provide plenty of options. You can be guided through your yoga poses and your high among friends experiencing the same things you are. A group setting can make the experience much more enjoyable. 

If you’d prefer something a little more personal, try cannabis and a yoga class from the comfort of your own home. YouTube is an excellent place for free online yoga classes you can do in your living room. Grab a yoga mat, light a candle, and take your time. 

Because yoga is so versatile, the cannabis products you integrate can be as well. We recommend you try Ervana pre-rolls They are blended to give you the best effects of cannabis without a lot of unwanted side effects like anxiety or couch lock. For an active vinyasa class, try Ervana Sativa blends. For a calming/restorative yoga class, try Ervana Indica blends. Not sure which direction you want to go? Give Ervana hybrid pre-rolls a try for a balanced high. 

Cannabis and Gym Workouts

Hitting the gym means a lot of different things to a lot of different people: lifting weights, cardio, HIIT, kickboxing classes, and more. Since cannabis affects everyone a little differently, start with an extra small dose before hitting the gym. Pay attention to how your coordination and body feels. We suggest trying uplifting Sativa to give you that extra push. 

We Suggest:

Cannabis and Outdoor activities

We’re lucky living in California with nature at our fingertips. If a gym doesn’t inspire you, get outdoors and burn some calories under the California sun. Hiking trails covered in wildflowers, playing tennis in a park, surfing a gorgeous coastline, cycling through rolling foothills, skiing down snowcapped mountains, strolling through numerous city parks, the possibilities are endless. Cannabis and outdoor exercise are a fantastic pairing. Not only do you feel the effects in your physical body, but your senses are also heightened for all that nature has to offer. 


We Suggest:

Amigo hybrid flower

At an affordable price and a convenient child-resistant resealable bag to keep the bud fresh, Amigo is an excellent choice for your next adventure outdoors.

Post Work out

Many cannabis users report muscle relaxation, easing of aches and pains, and a general drop in recovery time from their favorite marijuana products. What better way to end a workout? 

Since you’ve worked so hard, why not treat yo’ self? Try the Kiva Dark Chocolate Ginger 1:1 bar. Each piece has 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. Start with one piece, get your stretching in, and wait a few hours before taking more. Looking to keep the calories low? Go with Kikoko tea. We offer a wide selection of flavors with different THC/CBD content. 


We Suggest:

Kiva Dark Chocolate 1:1 Bar

Meet Kiva’s 1:1 CBD chocolate bar, made from 100% cannabis plants rich in cannabidiol, grown naturally in California. The handcrafted bar offers just the right balance of CBD to THC for a calm and relaxing effect, all delivered in a delicious chocolate bar mixed with ginger.

Kikoko Positivi-Tea

Positivi-Tea is a discreet, fat-free, and healthy alternative to cannabis edibles. Banish grumpiness, chuckle a lot, and revel in being alive and in a place that is cannabis-legal.

Additional things to consider

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and many external and internal factors can influence the effects of cannabis. It’s always best to start small and build up as you get a better understanding of how your body reacts to cannabis. Come into one of our locations and let our budtenders help you find the right product for your goals. Before starting any workout program, it’s best to speak with your doctor. Never drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming cannabis.