Covid has made traveling a little challenging. With fear around flying in a closed-up airplane for hours with strangers, many people are turning to their car. Being cooped up indoors has driven all of us a little stir crazy. If you’re looking to hit the road, check out some ideas and suggestions below.

Crowded la beach

Hit the beach

The obvious choice is the beach. We’re blessed in California with some of the most beautiful coast lines in the world. It’s free, it’s refreshing, it’s family friendly, and it’s relaxing. The challenge is the most obvious will also be the most popular. Expect crowds, lack of parking, and a challenge for social distancing. Wear a mask and try to keep your distance.

This Labor Day is expected to be a hot one. A long day on the beach can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Be sure to bring lots of water and snacks.

parks labor day

Hit the park

LA has a great system of parks, big and small. You can find shade in a grassy area and set up for the day. Griffith and Elysian will be popular but there are always tucked away places with less people or try one of the smaller parks around the city.

hiking labor day

Take a Hike

Although no one walks in LA, plenty of people hike. There are hiking trails close like Griffith or within a fairly quick drive. Find a hike that includes a water fall or lake. You’re going to want to jump in on this hot weekend. Some suggestions: Santa Ynez falls, Switzer Falls, Trail Canyon Falls, Eaton Canyon Falls, Monrovia Falls, and more. A quick google search will show you a ton of options. Make sure to bring enough water, no matter how short or long your hike is.

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labor day camping


Go camping

Camping can be a COVID friendly trip if done right. Make sure your supplies include hand soap, antibacterial spray, and bug spray. There are camping spots all up and down California. While the popular spots book out months in advance, there are plenty less popular locations that don’t. There are also first come, first served camping spots.

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Road Trip Labor Day


Take a day trip

One of the great things about LA, is our proximity to so many amazing destinations. Within a day’s drive, you can hit some spectacular places. Whether you’re looking for mountains, forests, desserts, or beaches, you can find it within a short drive.

palm springs pool

Palm Springs

Once a destination for the Hollywood elitein the 1950’s, Palm Springs has seen a massive resurgence after a long period of falling to the wayside. While Coachella and Stagecoach didn’t happen this year, that doesn’t mean Palm Springs isn’t still a great getaway. Warm, dry weather and endless pools make this town a great destination to relax and social distance. Rent a house and post up by the pool with your covid pod.

joshua tree labor day

Joshua Tree

The more hipster neighbor of Palm Springs, Joshua Tree has continue to grow in popularity. Check out the park and walk through the famous Joshua Trees, check out the ghost town and Pappy and Harriets, or just find a house with a pool. The desert at night is magical so don’t miss some star gazing.

ojai labor day


Just Northwest of Los Angeles is the small and artsy town of Ojai. Hiking, watering holes, art galleries, and new age shops draw tourists to this town. Camp in the woods or rent a hotel room in town. There are ways to do Ojai on a shoe string budget or a caviar budget.

san diego labor day

San Diego

The smaller coastal town in California. Beautiful beaches from the border of Mexico all the way up to North County Oceanside. Each community in San Diego has a different vibe and it’s to find a great bubble to enjoy a long weekend. The drive is a couple hours, depending on traffic, from LA which makes San Diego super accessible.

big bear labor day

Big Bear

A favorite escape in the winter time for SoCal, Big Bear is also an amazing escape for the summer time. Forest hikes, perfect weather, and giant lakes to jump into. Grab a camping spot, an airbnb, or a hotel room. Spend the some time above the smog of the city and enjoy nature.

road trip labor day

Additional tips for traveling during the time of COVID/Corona Virus:

  • Plan ahead. Call any places you plan on stopping ahead of time to make sure they are open and any restrictions they may have in place.
  • Perform any car maintenance – check your oil, check your tire pressure, make sure you have enough gas. COVID has caused the closure of amenities and the heat will put extra strain on your car.
  • Be sure to bring enough supplies. You don’t want to have to rely on grocery stores in places you’re unfamiliar with. Some stores may be closed or extremely crowded. Plan ahead.
  • Keep gloves, masks, soap, antibacterial, and water in your car. You never know when you’ll need it and it’s better to be prepared.
  • Bring your patience with you. Since so many people aren’t traveling far this year, expect them to show up at the beach, the park, the stores, the parking lots. It’s going to be crowded and hot so give yourself some extra time.
  • Stock up on cannabis for the long weekend! Start your order now at Culver City here or East LA here.
  • Remember, smoking cannabis in public or on national land is not permitted in California. Never consume cannabis and drive or operate heavy machinery. Be responsible and stay safe.

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