Like everything else this year, Halloween is going to be different. The great thing about dressing up this year is that you can get creative with your masks! While you may not be celebrating like you normally would, we’ve compiled a list of great costume ideas for those of us who are cannabis enthusiasts.

#1 A big ‘ol bag of weed.

This costume is a throw back to the good old days when weed came in ziplock bags.


#2 Cheech and Chong

You can’t go wrong with the ultimate celebrities of weed – Cheech and Chong. It’s a simple costume to make at home and it’s great as a couples costume. Bonus points if you roll a giant joint and smoke it all night.

#3 A Giant Joint

Speaking of large joints, why not just be one? Just beware of random people trying to light you on fire.

#4 A Weed Plant

Keep off my grass! Get your own grass…the perfect costume for those of us who don’t like to share.

#5 Alien Abduction

Sometimes getting too high might lead to seeing little green men. Get carried away by aliens with this costume. You can also claim you’re Alien OG which is pretty great strain.

#6 Broccoli

Looking to be a little more discrete with your costume? Why not be broccoli? Your family will think you’re just really excited about veggies. Your real friends will know the truth.

#7 Grand Daddy Purple

Another more discrete and ridiculous costume – Grand Daddy Purple…or is it Purple Haze…or maybe Purple Kush.

Halloween is Saturday so get your costume together, get high, and have a good time. We’re open all weekend with great deals to treat yourself with (No tricks). Check out our current menus here for East HERE and Culver HERE.