Getting the biggest bang for your buck can be a challenge. Enter Baker’s half-ounce pre-ground cannabis pouches. An affordable option for consumers with an everyday routine, Baker’s has proved to be a versatile choice for crafty cannabis users. Here are four ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your stash with Baker’s pre-ground cannabis.

use pre ground flower in pre rolls joints

Blend it with whole flower for a more cost-effective burn. 

The most obvious option for those seeking ways to stretch their stash as far as it can go is to use pre-ground cannabis to supplement when consuming whole flower bowls, joints, or blunts. A little pre-ground added into the mix can fill out things perfectly, giving you a smooth smoke without forcing you to mow through most of your whole flower in one sitting. 

Dry vape it to savor the flavor.

Vaporizing dry herb is one of the best ways to experience the flavorful terpene profiles of cannabis while stretching your stash. The fine grind of Baker’s pre-ground allows for more heat to pass over the surface area, delivering a clean, flavorful experience while using less. 

Make butter and oil infusions with it for edibles. 

One of the most vital ingredients in baked cannabis edibles is cannabutter, and there’s no better way to put Baker’s pre-ground cannabis to use than by cooking up a batch of your own. Here’s how to easily cook up some cannabutter from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Soothe your skin with a topical salve. 

While you’re in the infusion mood, you can also use pre-ground cannabis to fashion a skin-friendly salve in your kitchen. While it won’t get you high, it can help with inflammation, dry skin, and more. We recommend making your cannabis-infused oil first and then combining it with your preferred salve ingredients such as melted beeswax, vitamin E oil, and essential oils to make the process easier for yourself.  And while your cannabis oil infusion can be made with many of the same steps as making cannabutter, you’ll want to use a skin-nourishing oil such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil instead of butter. 

While these are but a few options we recommend, there’s no wrong way to stretch your stash with pre-ground cannabis; it all boils down to your personal consumption preferences. 

Head over to Baker’s site or come chat with a budtender to learn more about their line of premium products from their selection of straightforward strain specific single pre-rolled joints and mini pre-roll packs, to their handy half-ounce pouches of pre-ground cannabis. With Baker’s the possibilities are endless.  

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