Skip the malls, skip the cheap made-in-china items, skip the gifts they don’t need and will never use. This year, give the gift of cannabis. Buying from a legal dispensary supports the local economy and community, supports California based brands, and helps support businesses that create local jobs.  We compiled this gift guide to help you find the right cannabis products for the people on your list!

Looking for a unique gift for your mother who has aches and pains? Maybe your brother suffers from anxiety or your friend has trouble sleeping. Cannabis is a great gift for a few reasons.

  • It’s unique and memorable
  • It’s something that can make the recipient genuinely feel better
  • It’s a personal gift, something that shows you care. This isn’t another tin of popcorn or a basic bottle of wine, this is something thoughtful
  • It’s easy! Just stop in our dispensary, let the budtenders know who you’re shopping for and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.
  • If you’re on a budget or you want to ball out, we have a lot of options for every price range.
  • It supports the local economy – local dispensaries, local workers, local brands.

Here are gift ideas for some of the individuals on your list. If you need additional ideas or have any questions, send us an email or text one of our stores:
Culver City @ (213) 293-2401
East LA @ (213) 293-2400


aches and pains cbd thc for relief

Who: That special someone who has aches and pains.

Maybe they work a more manual job or they have carpel tunnel from their desk job. Maybe old age is catching up to them, or just some old sports injuries. Whatever the cause, if that special someone in your life is looking for relief, topicals can be a great gift.

We recommend:

papa barkely releaf 1.3 balm

1:3 CBD:THC 100mg Releaf Balm from Papa & Barkley

This concentrated cannabis-infused salve relaxes and calms your body. Expect warmth followed by a cooling sensation. Scented with organic oils from cannabis, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender plants. Made from the whole plant with all-natural ingredients, this powerful targeted topical formula won’t irritate sensitive skin, and will address inflammation and chronic pain. It’s non intoxicating, meaning it won’t make you feel high—it’s applied to directly to skin and simply works to relieve pain and discomfort.
Shop Papa & Barkley Releaf at Culver City
Shop Papa & Barkley Releaf at East LA




using thc and cbd for anxiety relief

Who: That special someone with anxiety

Anxiety effects a lot of people and can range from the light worrying here and there to full blown debilitating anxiety. While cannabis will not replace anyone’s treatment, it may add some additional relief through products high in CBD.

We recommend:

kiva 5.1 dark chocolate bar gift holiday

Kiva 5:1 Dark Chocolate (100mg CBD/20mg THC)

Delicious chocolate paired with a heavy ratio of CBD and a little bit of THC per serving. The packaging is beautiful and doesn’t even need any wrapping paper to look like a gift!
Shop Kiva 5:1 at Culver City
Shop Kiva 5:1 at East LA




wyld 20.1 cbd gummies for anxiety

Wyld 20:1 Strawberry gummies

Wyld is the fastest growing gummy and there is a reason for it. They’re delicious, have the perfect texture, and don’t have any of the cannabis aftertaste. The high ratio of CBD means you can pop these all throughout the day.
Shop Wyld CBD at Culver City
Shop Wyld CBD at East LA


nano5 sunrise tincture sublingual for anxiety

Nano5 Sunrise 25:1 CBD-THC Sublingual Tincture

This fast acting sublingual delivers relief in around 5 minutes. If you feel a sudden onset of anxiety, try a couple sprays or drops under the tongue. Another great product to have on hand throughout the day.

Shop Nano Sunrise at Culver City
Shop Nano Sunrise at East LA




sleep disorders insomnia cannabis cbd

Who: That special someone with sleep issues

If you’re looking for help with sleep, CBN is the cannabinoid of choice. Look for products with CBN and you’ll find gifts for anyone with sleep issues.

We recommend:

nano5 tranquility for sleep

Nano5 Tranquility  1:1:1:2 CBD-THC-CBN-5HTP

Sleep tight tonight with this bedtime formula that will calm both your mind and body. In addition to the perfect blend of CBD, THC, CBN, and 5HTP, Tranquility is also infused with melatonin (1mg/ml), so getting a good night’s sleep is in reach. Also, just great for relaxation.
Shop Nano at Culver City
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marys medicinals cbn capsules for sleep

Mary’s Medicinals CBN capsules and The Remedy CBN Tincture

If your special someone would prefer to just swallow a pill, Mary’s Medicinals capsules are a great choice. They look like vitamins or supplements and are easy to consume. Tinctures will be absorbed faster and Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy Tincture is a customer favorite for sleep.
Shop Mary’s Medicinals at Culver City
Shop Mary’s Medicinals at East LA


wyld cbn for sleep and relaxation gummies

Wyld Elderberry CBN Gummies

Designed for sleep. CBN + THC for sedation and easing into a restful nights sleep. Wyld has packaged a dose of CBN and THC in a delicious berry gummy that makes the perfect dessert.
Shop Wyld Elderberry at Culver City
Shop Wyld Elderberry at East LA




fight cancer cbd thc thca

Who: That special person with cancer

Cannabis has helped countless cancer patients feel better. If you have someone on your list with cancer, look for products with THCA and Delta-8. Check out our blog on cannabis and cancer here for more details on why those cannabinoids are go great.

We recommend:

papa barkley thca living tincture for cancer

Papa& Barkley THCA Living Tincture and 1:1 THC:CBD Tinctures and capsules.

An earthy tincture from one of the top brands in the industry. Trusted, tried and true, relief.

Shop Papa & Barkley THCA at Culver City
Shop Papa & Barkley THCA at East LA






cbd and thc for dogs

Who: That special someone who has a fur baby

If you’re shopping for someone who loves their dog or cat more than anything else, Pet CBD is your ticket. Pets with anxiety, sore joints, or a fear of fireworks will appreciate these products.

We recommend:

vet cbd for pets

Vet CBD 10:1 Pet Tincture

Formulated by a veterinarian to provide comfort and relief for your furry friend. Vet CBD is easy to administer and was designed specifically for dogs and cats.
Shop Vet CBD at Culver City
Shop Vet CBD at East LA






using thc and cbd to get high

Who: That special person who just wants to get high

Some of us use cannabis to feel better, some of us use cannabis to get high, and some of us use it for both. If you have someone on your list who likes to get high, check out these gift ideas.

We Recommend:

Extracts are an incredible gift if the person you’re shopping for dabs. It’s a connoisseur’s product and the difference between good and bad is very apparent. A top shelf extract like Coalition Banana OG badder will have them drooling over the quality and aromas and earning you the title of “best gift giver ever.” Flower and live resin vapes are two other great options. If the person is experienced, an eighth of top shelf flower or a gram of live resin will deliver.

coalition badder og crc filter

Coalition Banana OG Badder

Some of the best, most flavorful, extracts on the market. Made with fresh frozen, processed at subcritical temps, and CRC for ultra purity. You can’t go wrong with Coalition extracts.

Shop Coalition Extracts at Culver City
Shop Coalition Extracts at East LA



stiiizy live resin vape pods

Stiiizy Orange Float Liquid Live Resin pod.

You will need to make sure the person you’re shopping for has a Stiiizy battery already. If they don’t, add a battery and make it a gift set. We usually run deals on vape pods + batteries. Ask your budtender.
Shop Stiiizy Live Resin at Culver City
Shop Stiiizy Live Resin at East LA




Coalition flower

Any indoor eighths from Coalition or Green Dragon. We have a new selection of flower every week. Ask your budtender for a suggestion if you’re not sure.








parents using cannabis

Who: Someone who is canna-curious but doesn’t know where to start and is maybe too intimidated to go into a dispensary themselves.

If someone is new to cannabis, you definitely want to start small. Start with low dose THC cannabis products that are high in CBD. CBD will help balance out the traditional high sensations that any THC in the products will produce.

We recommend:

Vape – Disposable vape pens are a great option for newbies. You don’t need a battery. You don’t need to know anything about heat settings. Just take a puff and you’re good to go. Vaping also makes it easy to control your dosing. The effects come on fast and you control the dose by how hard you inhale. Vapes are also more discrete – they don’t smell and they’re small in size.

Pre-rolls – Pre-rolls are a great option for someone that is interested in more traditional way of consuming. Anyone who used to smoke in college or when they were younger will appreciate the experience of smoking a joint. Pick a joint with less than 20% THC made with outdoor flower and smaller than 1G in size. Stay away from anything infused.

Edibles – Candy is a much less intimidating way to consume cannabis but it can sneak up on you fast. Most edibles come in really nice packaging that makes for great gifting. For beginners, we recommend low THC/high CBD edibles.

dompen cbd vape for beginners

Dompen CBD ratio disposable vape pens – 1:1 Mint, 4:1 Honey Citrus, or 18:1 Chamomile

Dompen’s disposable vape pens are sleek, discrete, and easy to use. Their CBD formulas don’t have any traditional cannabis vape flavors or smells making them great for beginners or anyone looking to keep it on the DL.
Shop Dompen at Culver City
Shop Dompen at East LA



ervana 7pk prerolls

Ervana 7pk pre-rolls

7 .5G pre-rolls packed into a eco-friendly tin with matches and an organic hemp wick. The joints are just the right size and the flower is sungrown. Plus for every ounce they sell, they plant a tree in California!
Shop Ervana 7 packs at Culver City
Shop Ervana 7 packs at East LA


kiva petra mints for relaxation

Petra Mints CBD

An easy to carry tin of mints that will deliver relaxation and a great taste. Discrete and low dose. These are perfect to throw in a purse, keep in a desk drawer, or carry in your pocket.
Shop Petra Mints at Culver City
Shop Petra Mints at East LA


We have a wide range of products for pretty much everyone on your list (that’s of age and interested in consuming cannabis). Talk to one of our budtenders or shoot us an email with any questions. Or menu changes weekly with new products and restocks so check back often for the newest products!

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