Getting the perfect gift for that special someone in your life can be a challenge. This year is especially tough with the economic uncertainty most of us are feeling. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to show you care. We’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas with a small budget in mind.

cannabis and candle

Experiences – Give the gift of an experience, even if it’s small

Numerous research studies have shown that experiences bring more lasting joy than things. Experiences give the receiver something to look forward to, something to enjoy in the moment, and something to remember after the fact. While Covid has limited what’s available for experiences, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea altogether – just get more creative.

One idea that’s really easy and affordable: give the gift of relaxation. A pack of joints and a scented candle. Wrap it up with a nice card and you’re good to go. We all could use a moment to decompress. Getting high, listening to relaxing music, and lighting a nice smelling candle works wonders.



Baked goods – Make infused edibles with left over trim and keif.

Cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes, candies, and chocolates all have one great thing in common: you can easily infuse them with cannabis! While making edibles at home can seem challenging, it’s actually quite easy. Substituting cannabutter for butter in any recipe is the easiest way to make delicious and intoxicating edibles at home. Check out our blog on making cananbutter to get started.

An extra budget-friendly element of homemade edibles is that they can be made using left over keif, trim, and any dried-out cannabis you have lying around. You don’t need to start with the best flower from a dispensary which means you get a great tasting end product for very little cost.

Edibles make great gifts because they’re also a really great story to tell. Everyone is going to want to know how you made them and it’s a really fun gift to connect over. Please remember to go easy on the dosing and make sure you keep these baked goods out of the hands of children. It’s pretty impossible to tell infused brownies from normal brownies so keep that in mind when you’re handling them.

If you don’t feel like baking, you can always pick up some edibles from one of our stores. We have budget friendly options starting around $15.


budget friendly cannabis gift ideas

Cannabis – Affordable brands like Amigo and Pacific Stone

Cannabis is another great gift, especially for those who are a little hesitant to go into a dispensary themselves. We carry products for everyone interested in the benefits of cannabis. Topicals for grandma’s sore knee, flower for your dad’s back pain, edibles for your mom’s trouble sleeping, and much more! We also offer a wide selection of price ranges. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, we have brands like Amigo and Pacific Stone.

Come by and talk to one of our budtenders who can help you find a great gift within your price range.

blunted objects joint case

Blunted Objects – Affordable Weed-Inspired Jewelry & Accessories

Do you have someone on your list who likes jewelry and weed? Basic gold and silver jewelry is boring and can get really expensive. Blunted Boss makes fun necklaces, earrings, rings, and more at reasonable prices. She’s also a local artist, out of Culver City. Support a local business and get that special someone a statement piece they’ll cherish and get a lot of compliments on. Stop in and see our current selection of Blunted Objects or check out her website!


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Grow kit – Compound Genetics seeds + at home grow kit.

While getting an at home grow set up can add up pretty quickly, it pays off in your first harvest. There are many stand-alone grow kits that make home growing a plant or two pretty dummy proof. If you start with good seeds or clones, you’re setting yourself up for a great harvest even if you don’t have a green thumb. This is a great gift to give someone in your household. That way, you both can share the growing experience…and the enjoying experience when it’s done.

Another tip, watch for sales at our stores

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